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Shopping for new carpet?

Now that you're seriously considering a new carpet installation at Carpet on the Cheap, we want to be sure you get the right one for your needs. The right rug will go a long way toward looking great and performing well for a long time! Here are some suggestions from our mobile carpet store in Uniondale, NY.

Weight doesn't necessarily define quality

A too-thick rug isn't always better. One of the most significant indicators of quality is density, how close together the fibers are tufted. The label should have a density label between 3,000 and 5,000, but you can also check it yourself. Bend back a sample card and if you see a lot of white space, ask why.

Another indicator, particularly for high fiber rugs, is the twist number. It refers to how many times fiber is twisted per one-inch length, and the higher the number, the less likely it is to fray or unravel. A good twist number is at least five, but some rugs, like the frieze, can go as high as eight.

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How to compare carpets on quality

They all might look similar, but they aren't. Some fibers, such as nylon, have different grades. Generally, nylon is known for its super strength, and polyester is a little less resilient. Like many fibers, nylon has various quality levels, which means a higher-class polyester rug could be more durable than a lower nylon one

Choose a professional carpet installation

Many say the installation is as important as the product itself. The product can be of the highest quality. A correct installation will ensure a beautiful installation that will perform the way it should, resulting in the avoidance of costly repairs and premature replacements. Also, many warranties require a professional installation to be valid.

Also, pay attention to padding; just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not vital. It protects the rug from the bare floor, insulates against noise, has a high thermal value, so it keeps a room warm and provides comfort when walking. Also, be sure the room in which it's to be installed is measured correctly, taking into account door sills, bay windows, moldings, and even carpet width itself.
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We're carpet experts so you can be sure we'll install it properly and according to the manufacturer warranty requirements. We work with all flooring types whether its hardwood, waterproof flooring, laminate, vinyl, or a free carpet flooring quote. Carpet on the Cheap is in Uniondale, NY and we work with homeowners and businesses in Uniondale, NY, Hempstead, NY, Long Island, NY, Bellmore, NY, Massapequa, NY, Massapequa Park, NY, Seaford, NY, East Meadow, NY, Merrick, NY and Wantagh, NY.