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What to know when shopping for laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has come a long way since it was introduced to the US Market decades ago. It was highly praised for its durability, ease of maintenance, and water resistance and was considered an affordable economy product. Today, it's evolved into a highly sought-after product, with stylish, true-to-life echoes of wood, stone, and tile cut into planks or square tile-sized pieces to add to the realism. If you haven't seen it recently, come into Carpet on the Cheap to explore the best laminate flooring samples we have to offer!

In need of water-resistant laminate flooring?

Just what the market's been waiting for! Laminate floors were always avoided in kitchens and baths because of water concerns. It is made of wood byproducts, but now, a version with a unique construction makes it spill-proof with no worries about splatters, making it ideal for every room in the house. However, the original version is still highly active on the market, so be sure to tell us which one you want.

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Where are you installing it?

Some rooms are busier than others. The AC Rating (Abrasion Criteria) is a reliable indicator of this material's strength in various applications. We use it at Carpet on the Cheap. The AC rating is a one-to-five numbering system and, as the numbers increase, so does the strength.

For example, AC-1 and AC-2 are for low traffic floors, while AC-3 and AC-4 are used mainly for heavy residential foot traffic and light commercial use, such as salons. AC-5 is for heavy-duty commercial use. Laminate has different thicknesses ranging from 7-mm to 12-mm, but thicker is better because it hides subfloor imperfections, reduces noise, and provides better design options.

Looking for durability in your Uniondale home's floors?

Either version has a top-clear aluminum oxide coating. This protects the floor from scratches and scuffs, making it impossible to wear off the design layer. The fact that it is made from pressed wood also means it's resistant to scratches and dents.

Laminate flooring is so realistic it's often difficult to discern that from the real thing. Our experts will help you find the right one for your installation. Whether you're shopping for carpet or non-carpet flooring we have it all. We service both Long Island and New York City. The Carpet on the Cheap showroom in Uniondale, NY is convenient to Uniondale, NY, Hempstead, NY, Long Island, NY, Bellmore, NY, Massapequa, NY, Massapequa Park, NY, Seaford, NY, East Meadow, NY, Merrick, NY and Wantagh, NY. Visit us for your free laminate flooring quote.